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It has long been recognised that Airports need effective dialogue with representatives of those who use them and those who live in the area.  In this way the difficulties which inevitably flow from the operation of a large and busy undertaking can be more deeply understood and problems can often be avoided, resolved or mitigated.

The importance of such consultation was soon recognised in airports legislation and this is now consolidated in section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 which allows the Secretary of State for Transport to designate airports "for the purposes of consultation".  Where Airports are designated in this way the Department for Transport recommends the setting up of a consultative committee according to Guidelines published by the Department - most recently in December 2003.

The Guidelines say that Consultative Committees should :

  • provide an opportunity for information exchange between the airport and interested parties;
  • provide a structured forum for discussion so as to make recommendations to the aerodrome management and other bodies when appropriate;
  • provide the opportunity to reach a common understanding between interested groups about the nature of aerodrome operation, thereby increasing the scope for issues to be resolved amicably. However, people interested in and affected by an aerodrome operation may have mutually inconsistent viewpoints and it is not realistic to expect that all matters of concern will be able to be resolved through discussion;
  • promote understanding about airport operations more widely, through dissemination of relevant information by committee members;
  • promote understanding by the airport operator of the nature of its impacts on local communities and businesses.

But as the Guidelines also make clear it is not intended that a consultative committee should -

  • detract from or constrain the responsibility of the airport owner and/or operator to manage the aerodrome;
  • prevent interested parties from raising concerns directly with the airport, or through other channels.
  • serve as a forum for the resolution of disputes;
  • have any executive or decision-making power over the airport.

The December 2003 Guidelines can be seen on the website of the Liaison Group of UK Airport Consultative Committees which includes also more detailed information on the statutory backgroundUKACCs webpage on statutory background of Consultative Committees and roleUKACCs webpage on the role of Consultative Committees of consultative committees .

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Birmingham Airport Consultative Committee was set up to meet the Airport's obligations under legislation now to be found in section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (as amended by the Airports Act 1986) which states:

"1.This section applies to any aerodrome, which is designated for the purposes of this section by an order made by the Secretary of State*.

"2. The person having the management of any aerodrome to which this section applies shall provide: -

(a) for users of the aerodrome,

(b) for any local authority (or, if the person having the management of the aerodrome is a local authority, for any other local authority) in whose area the aerodrome or any part thereof is situated or whose area is in the neighbourhood of the aerodrome, and

(c) for any other organisation representing the interests of persons concerned with the locality in which the aerodrome is situated,

adequate facilities for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the aerodrome, which affects their interests."

* Note: The Order designating airports under this legislation, including Birmingham, is currently the Aerodromes (Designation) (Facilities for Consultation) Order 1996 (SI 1996/1392) as amended (SI 2002/2421)

The Committee's latest Constitution (February 2013) is attached.

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Although the Chairman of the Committee is appointed by Birmingham Airport, he or she is independent both of the Airport and the other various interests represented on the Committee. The present Chairman is Mr Colin Flack.

The other members are nominated by the bodies shown on our Membership Page.

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The Consultative Committee meets four times a year in January, April, July and October. The meetings, which start at 2.30 p.m., are held at Diamond House, Birmingham Airport. Meetings at the present time and not generally open to the press and public.

For details of meetings visit our Diary Page.

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The Passenger Services & Surface Transport Working Group (PSSTWG)

The PSSTWG is a working group of Airport Consultative Committee and was established in May 1995 to:

  • consider by their own initiative or by direction of the Consultative Committee, any question in connection with the Airport terminal buildings and the facilities offered to passengers, their “meeters and greeters” and other visitors to the Airport, including the provision of public transport links.
  • act as an advisory body to the Consultative Committee on such matters.
  • report to the Consultative Committee on their considerations with, where appropriate, recommendations.

The bodies nominating the members serving on the PSSTWG are shown on our Membership Page.

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Environment Monitoring Working Group (EMWG)

In addition to the statutory role of Birmingham's Consultative Committee, under the conditions of the Planning Approval granted by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, there is a requirement for the Committee to take on environmental monitoring responsibilities.

These environmental monitoring responsibilities are exercised through the Environment Monitoring Working Group (EMWG), established in May 1995, and include:

  • Noise Control,
  • Night Flying,
  • Air Traffic,
  • Ground Operations,
  • Air and Water Quality,
  • Complaints
  • Development Proposals.

The bodies nominating the members serving on the EMWG are shown on our Membership Page.

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The Wider Scene

Birmingham also keeps in contact with airport consultative committees across the country. Each year the Committee's officers meet with their opposite numbers at 21 other UK airports to discuss common issues and to share experience. The Liaison Group website which includes the agenda papers and minutes of the annual meetings from 2002 onwards including the liaison meeting held here in Birmingham 2003 and 2012.

The site also includes more information on the statutory backgroundUKACCs webpage on statutory background of Consultative Committees and role of consultative committeesUKACCs webpage on the role of Consultative Committees and on current aviation issues both in the UKUKACCs webpage on UK aviation issues and at European level UKACCs webpage on European aviation issues .


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Birmingham Airport Consultative Committee

An independent Consultative Committee established pursuant to Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982
Chairman: Colin Flack  Secretary: Lee Stevenson
Contact Details - click here

Page last modified: 6th February 2013
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